31 May 2016

India Among Top 10 Steel Importers In 2015

India Among Top 10 Steel Importers In 2015

India, the world’s third largest steel producer, was among the top 10 importers of the alloy in 2015, according to the latest data by the global industry body World Steel Association (WSA).

India imported 13.3 million tonnes (mt) of the metal in 2015 and was just a notch up from China, which imported 13.2 MT of steel during the same period. According to the WSA data, European Union (EU) as a bloc imported 37.7 mt of steel last year, which was followed by the US (36.5 mt), Germany (24.8 mt), South Korea (21.7 mt), Italy (19.9 mt), Turkey (18.6 mt), Vietnam (16.3 mt), Thailand (14.6 mt), France (13.7 mt) and India (13.3 mt).

So let's do:
1. Name the country, which has 3rd rank in the list of steel importers,2015 ?

Source - The Hindu

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