22nd March : World Water Day

United Nations World Water Day is an international observance held every March 22 that provides an opportunity to learn more about water related issues and take action on a current or future challenge to make a difference. This year’s theme of Word Water Day is ‘Water and Jobs’ focuses on how enough quantity and quality of water can change workers’ lives and livelihoods and even transform societies and economies.

The day first marked in 1992 at United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro. It aims to raise awareness about water related issues. The occasion of World Water Day is also used to highlight required improvements for access to WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene) facilities in developing countries.
World Water Day has been held annually since 1992. Each year the entity that coordinates with the UN’s work on water and sanitation sets a theme for World Water Day corresponding to a current or future challenge. The engagement campaign is coordinated by one or several of the UN-Water Members with a related mandate.

Over recent years on the World Water Day, satellite images have shown bodies of water vanishing from the surface of the planet. In 2014, images released by Nasa Earth Observatory showed how the Aral Sea on the arid planes of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan had almost completely dried up. The decline began in the 1960s when the Soviet Union began a major water diversion project. Drought in the 2000s added to the decline further.

Extra Info :
United Nations Headquarter : New York City, US
The driest place on Earth is in Antarctica in an area called the Dry Valleys

So no lets discuss some questions related to this article which can be asked in the upcoming exams :
1. World Water Day is celebrated on which date every year ?
2. What is theme for 2016 World Water Day ?
3. The World Water Day was first marked in which year ?


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