ADDA 247: Tricks to Learn the Countries and Currencies in SAARC

Dear BA’ians,

Hope you all have been following the videos that we have been uploading regularly on your very own YouTube channel Ada247. Our main motto when we upload videos has always been to make the learning graph less curvy for you. To make things as simplistic as they can be, after all we at Adda 247 strongly believe that learning should only help you fly higher and not burden you down. 
Following that, we has posted several short cut ways to help you all learn the countries, capitals and currencies of various unions Like that of:
  • ASEAN Countries
  • OPEC Countries
  • European Union Countries

Today we bring to you the trick to learn all about the SAARC( South Asean association for regional coorporation) Countries.
These trick will drastically shorten your learning time, and you will find yourself easily retaining stuff.
So do watch the video by clicking on the link below:


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