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Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is an associate institution of the UNO and was established in 1945 at Quebec, Canada. FAO has 194 member countries, along with the European Union (a member organization) and the Faroe Islands and Tokelau, which are associate members. The current Director-General, Jose Graziano da Silva, assumed his functions on 1 January 2012 and was re-elected for a term which expires on 31 July 2019.

The FAO headquarter is situated in Rome, Italy. On November 13-17, 1996, FAO summit was organized in Rome, Italy which was known as World Food Summit. FAO has organized a number of important summits like Rio Summit 1996 where it has been declared to eliminate hunger, poverty and malnutrition from the world. 

The functions of FAO are as follows :
  • To bridge the gap between the demand and supply of agriculture products in the world by makings a regular supply of food products.
  • To adopt measures of protecting stored food grains from harmful pests and also to look after sick animals.
  • To provide high yielding variety seeds of every crop and also to improve agriculture production and distribution.
  • To improve standard of living of the people in member countries.
  • To increase nutrition and enable inclusive and efficient agricultural and food systems

FAO’s decentralized network includes five regional offices, nine sub regional offices, 80 fully fledged country offices, three offices with technical officers and 38 countries covered through multiple accreditation. As of 31 December 2015, FAO employed 1738 professional staff and 1510 support staff. 

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