All new mobiles to have panic button from 2017

The Department of Telecommunications has notified that from next year, all mobile phone sold in India will come with a dedicated ‘panic button’ and will also have the Global Positioning System facility in it. These facility can be used to send out a signal in case of distress.

It aims to improve the safety of women and ensuring a quick response from security agencies or to send out distress signal to a family member or the police authorities so that they can be rescued. This initiative has been taken by the Ministry of Women and Child Development to issue of installation of a physical panic button on mobile phones in June 2014. 

According to the Department of Telecommunications, it has notified the rules on panic button, dated 22nd April, 2016 issued under section 10 of the Indian Wireless Telegraph Act 1933. Under these rules, from 1st January 2017, all feature phones will have the facility of panic button configured to the numeric key 5 or 9 and all smart phones will have the panic button configured to three times short pressing of the on-off button. Further from 1st January, 2018, all mobile phones will be required to have the facility of identifying the location through satellite based GPS. 

So let’s discuss some questions related to this post which can be asked in the upcoming exams :
1. Name the Ministry which has been taken up the initiative to have the panic button and GPS facility in all the mobile handsets ?
2. From which year India will have the panic button enabled mobile handsets ?
3. Expand the term GPS ?

Courtesy : The Hindu


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