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Bangladesh tops business bribery risk in South Asia

Bangladesh tops business bribery risk in South Asia_50.1

Bangladesh has topped the business bribery risk in South Asia according to the Trace Bribery Matrix. Bangladesh has the highest business bribery risk among South Asian courtiers according to the annual ranking for 200 countries. Bangladesh has been placed at 178th position among 200 countries in terms of business bribery risk. Overall, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland presented the lowest bribery risk.

TRACE is a US-based organisation which provides ranking to various countries in terms of the risk of bribery companies face in doing business in those countries. The Trace Bribery Matrix evaluates the countries under 4 parameters i.e. business interaction with the government, anti-bribery deterrence, transparency and civil society oversight.

Source: The DD News

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