British PM Boris Jhonson re-elected as Prime Minister of UK

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has won the historic UK General Election as his Conservative Party crossed the magic number of 326 required for a majority in the Parliament. He is re-elected as a Prime Minister of UK.

Johnson won the historic election as his Conservative Party crossed the 326-mark required for a majority in Parliament. The latest projections put the Johnson-led Conservatives at around 365, but the party can safely celebrate its victory as it comfortably crossed over the half-way finish line for the 650-member House of Commons. The Opposition Labour party is projected to get 203 seats, a disastrous performance for the party which resulted in leader Jeremy Corbyn announced that he would be stepping down.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams:

  • United Kingdom Capital: London.
  • United Kingdom Currency: Pound sterling.

Source: The BBC

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