Canada ranks near bottom on UNICEF’s ‘fairness’ report card

Canada’s poorest children are falling further behind, according to a UNICEF report card that ranks the country in the bottom third among OECD and EU nations when it comes to inequality in the well-being of its youngest citizens.

Report released in Paris presents an overview of inequalities in child well-being in 41 countries of the European Union (EU) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). It focuses on ‘bottom-end inequality’ – the gap between children at the bottom and those in the middle – and addresses the question ‘how far behind are children being allowed to fall?’ in income, education, health and life satisfaction.

UNICEF’s Fairness for Children report card, released ranks Canada 26 out of 35 affluent nations. The report also notes that gaps in children’s health and education have widened since 2013, when Canada ranked 17 among 29 rich countries. “One of the troubles is, in Canada, we assume that because we’re in the top 10 wealthiest countries in the world, that the wealth will translate into a better life experience for children. And it’s just not good enough,” UNICEF Canada’s President David Morley told CTV News Channel.

UNICEF promotes the rights and wellbeing of every child, in everything we do. Together with our partners, we work in 190 countries and territories to translate that commitment into practical action, focusing special effort on reaching the most vulnerable and excluded children, to the benefit of all children, everywhere. 
CEO: Anthony Lake
Head: Anthony Lake
Founders: Herbert Hoover, Maurice Pate
UNICEF – United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund
So lets do:
1. Who is the CEO of UNICEF?
2. Expand the UNICEF?
3. How many members countries in UNICEF?
4. Who is the Founder of UNICEF
5. Where is UNICEF headquater located?
6. UNICEF’s Fairness for Children report card, released ranks Canada ___ out of 35 affluent nations. 

Source – The Hindu


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