Daily Current Tablet : 09 June 2016

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From today onward, we will start providing you the daily GA Questions from this portal only. This will help you build a strong base for the current affairs. These questions are picked from the various news that has been posted on this platform. So keep practicing the questions and the answers to this question will be provided tomorrow morning.

1. Who is the Minister of State for AYUSH?
Answer. Shripad Yesso Naik

2. Name the former assembly speaker who has passed away recently ?
Answer. T S John

3. Mr. T S John was the assembly speaker of which state ?
Answer. Kerala

4. Name the star tennis Player, Who has banned for two years?
Answer. Maria Sharapova

5. Name the journalist who has passed away recently in New Delhi?
Answer. K K Katyal

6. Mr. KK Katyal was the founder of the India chapter in which association?
Answer. South Asia Free Media Association (SAFMA)

7. Who has been re-elected to IATA’s Board of Governors?
Answer. Naresh Goyal

8. Name the Bank which has approved a loan for irrigation system in Tamilnadu?
Answer. Asian Development Bank

9. What is the total amount of the loan approved by the ADB for Tamilnadu irrigation system, and also name the delta which will be covered under this project?
Answer. $100mn and Cauvery Delta

10. Name the person who has taken over as the New Chief Executive for Nuclear Fuel Complex?
Answer. G Kalyanakrishnan

11. Mr. G. Kalyanakrishnan has replaced whom as the New Chief Executive for Nuclear Fuel Complex?
Answer. N. Saibaba

12. Name the country, Which has ranked as the world’s most peaceful country?
Answer. Iceland

13. Global Peace Index published by whom ?
Answer. Institute for Economics and peace

14. Name the organization which has approved 1.5 billion US dollar loan to Sri Lanka ?
Answer. IMF

15. The IMF has approved the US$1.5 billion loan to Sri Lanka under which facility ?
Answer. Extended Fund Facility (EFF)

16. Name the new battalion, Which has decided to form by Union Home Ministry recently?
Answer. Maharana India Reserve Battalion

17. Name the group which has slashed the 2016 global growth forecast to 2.4%?
Answer. World Bank

18. Who is the President of World Bank Group?
Answer. Jim Yong Kim

19. Name the person, who has quit as president United Biscuits?

Answer. Jayant Kapre


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