Daily Current Tablet : 15 June 2016

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From today onward, we will start providing you the daily GA Questions from this portal only. This will help you build a strong base for the current affairs. These questions are picked from the various news that has been posted on this platform. So keep practicing the questions and the answers to this question will be provided tomorrow morning.

1. Name the country with which India has signed three bilateral agreements during President Pranab Mukherjee visit?
Answer. Ghana

2. Who is the President of Ghana?
Answer. John Dramani Mahama

3. Name the Indian city, which has reportedly recorded its first ever case of a baby born with a rare genetic disorder called ‘Harlequin Ichthyosis’?
Answer. Maharastra

4. Name the US translator who has passed away recently?
Answer. Gregory Rabassa

5. Mr. Gregory Rabassa has worked in which two languages?
Answer. Spanish and Portuguese 

6. Name the country, which has received wildcard entry at U17 Futsal World Cup?
Answer. India

7. Expand the term BSPGCL, KBUNL and BHEL?
Answer. BSPGCL (Bihar State Power Holding Company Limited), Kanti Bijlee Utpadan Nigam Limited (KBUNL), Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)

8. Name the Public Sector Power equipment, who has commissioned 195 MW unit at Muzaffarpur Thermal Power Station in Bihar?
Answer. BHEL 

9. Name the Bank which has got the approval from cabinet to merge its associate banks and also Bharatiya Mahila Bank in it ?
Answer. SBI 

10. The cabinet is chaired by whom, which has approved the merger of 5 associate banks and the Bharatiya Mahila Bank with SBI?
Answer. Prime Minister Narendra Modi

11. Name the bank which has issued the first US Credit card for using in Cuba?
Answer. Florida Bank

12. Where is the headquarter of Stonegate Bank?
Answer. Florida

13. President Mukherjee has received which country’s highest civilian award?
Answer. Ivory Coast

14. Who is the President of Ivory coast? 
Answer. Alassane Ouattara

15. Ivory coast and India have signed an agreement to re-establishment of the headquarter of which bank?
Answer. Exim Bank

16. Name the country, whose team has created a new national record(men’s 4x400m relay)?
Answer. Indian 

17. Name the person who has been appointed as the head of RBL bank corporate banking?
Answer. Brijesh Mehra

18. Where is the headquarter of RBL Bank?
Answer. Kolhapur

19. Name the New Jupiter-like planet, which has discovered by using NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope? 
Answer. Kepler 1647b

20. Name the person who has announced his resignation from the post of Deutsche Bank CEO for Asia-Pacific?
Answer. Gnit Chadha

21. The SBI and MasterCard have announced their partnership with which company for distribution of its prepaid forex card?
Answer. Centrum

22. Name the state, which has signed an agreement with railway ministry for the development of railway infrastructure?
Answer. Odisha

23. Name the person who has been appointed as the Institutional banking head of DBS Bank India?
Answer. Niraj Mittal

24. DBS Bank India is a part of which group?
Answer. Institutional Banking Group in Singapore


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