Daily Current Tablet : 1st July 2016

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From today onward, we will start providing you the daily GA Questions from this portal only. This will help you build a strong base for the current affairs. These questions are picked from the various news that has been posted on this platform. So keep practicing the questions and the answers to this question will be provided tomorrow morning.

1. Name the country, which has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)?
Answer. Royal Civil Service Commission of Bhutan

2. Name the countrie, which has Signed Mou with India for bilateral cooperation in water resources management and development?
Answer. Tanzania

3. Name the Italian film actor, who has  died at age 86 in Rome?
Answer. Bud Spencer

4. Name the Indian-Americans, which have honoured with 2016 Great Immigrants Award in US?
Answer. Sunder Pichai, Hari Sreenivasan, Vikram Malhotra, Bharati Mukherjee

5. Name the Indian naval ships, Which have reached Russia as part of efforts to enhance maritime cooperation between the navies of both countries?
Answer. Anti – Submarine Tarpido Varunsastra

6. Name the person, who has appointed as CEO Suzuki Motor?
Answer. Scion

7.  Name the sculptor and painter, Who has passed passed away?
Answer. K G Subramanyam

8. Name the India’s leading food products company, which has signed up as the official sponsor for the Indian contingent to the Rio Olympics 2016?
Answer. Amul

9. Name the chess player, who was conferred the “Honoris Causa” Doctor of Science by Indian Institute Of Technology (IIT) during its 49th convocation ceremony?
Answer. Vishwanathan Anand

10. Name the country, which has been appointed 2 women HC judges?
Answer. Malaysia

11. Expand the term FSSAI and ASCI?
Answer. Food Safety and Standard Authority of india and Advertisement Standard Council of India 

12. Name the person, who has appointed as Deputy Speaker in Kerala?
Answer. V Sasi

13. Which country has the lowest rank in World Bank’s global logistics performance 
ranking 2016?
Answer. Syria

14. How many non non-permanent members of United Nations Security Council (UNSC)?
Answer. 10- Non-Permanent member (total member-15)

15. Famous Kamakhya Temple receives an aid Rs. 25 crore for Infrastructure.This temple located in which state?
Answer. Assam


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