Daily Current Tablets. 08-04-2016

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From today onward, we will start providing you the daily GA Questions from this portal only. This will help you build a strong base for the current affairs. These questions are picked from various news that has been posted on this platform. So keep practicing the questions and the answers to this question will be provided tomorrow morning.

1. Who is appointed as next Ambassador of India to Norway ?
Answer. Debraj Pradhan

2. Who is the Prime Minister of Norway ?
Answer. Erna Solberg

3. Who is the Minister of External Affairs ?
Answer. Mrs. Sushma Swaraj

4. Name the author and journalist who has passed away recently ?
Answer. Yogendra Bali

5. Who has written The book ‘Chandra Shekar : A Political Biography ?
Answer. The Communal Bogey’

6. Name the person who has been appointed as the new CEO of GoJavas ?
Answer. Amitabh Coomar

7. GoJavas is related to which segment of the industry ?
Answer. e-commerce

8. Who is going to replace by Mr. Amitabh Coomar as the new CEO of GoJavas ?
Answer. vijay Ghadge

9. Expand the WCTL, CCEA, AYCL and SEBI ?
Answer. Working Capital Term Loan (WCTL),Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA),Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd. (AYCL),Securities and Exchange Board of India 

10. Who is the Chairman of Bank of Barodra ?
Answer. P S Jayakumar

11. Where is Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd headquater is situated?
Answer. Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd – headquartered in Kolkata

12. Who is Iceland New Prime minister?
Answer. Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson

13. Airtel buys Aircel’s 4G spectrum in eight circles for how much amount?
Answer. 8 Circles

14. Expand the Dot ?
Answer. Dept of technology 

15. Name the person who has been appointed as the new Head of the Lamborghini India ?
Answer. Sharad agarwal

16. Where is the headquarter of the Lamborghini automotive ?
Answer. Italian company hq at sant agata bolonese

17. Who is the current CEO of the Lamborghini ?
Answer. Stefano.current ceo of lambrogini

18. Which is the first state in India to clear land title Bill?
Answer. Rajasthan

19. Who is the Governor of Rajasthan ?
Answer. kalyan singh.

20. _______ becomes 1st liquor-free village in Rajasthan.
Answer. Kachhabali


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