Daily Current Tablets. 11-04-2016

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From today onward, we will start providing you the daily GA Questions from this portal only. This will help you build a strong base for the current affairs. These questions are picked from various news that has been posted on this platform. So keep practicing the questions and the answers to this question will be provided tomorrow morning.

1. IMF has projected How much percentage of growth in 2016-17 ?
Answer. 7.5 %

2. Who is the Managing Director of IMF and where is the headquarter of IMF ?
Answer. Christine Lagarde and headquarter of IMF is in Washington D.C

3. According to IMF India’s growth rate will overtake China’s growth rate by how much percentage ?
Answer. more than 1%

4. Which government has decided to change the name of the two cities recently ?
Answer. Haryana govt.

5. As the changes what will be the new name of Gurgaon and Mewat ?
Answer. Gurgaon- Gurugram, mewat-nuh

6. Who is the Chief Minister of Haryana ?
Answer. Manohar lal khattar

7. Name the person who has been conferred with the highest French civilian honour ?
Answer. Joginder jaswant singh

8. Who is the present French Ambassador to India ?
Answer. Mr. francois richier

9. Genral JJ Singh was the governor of which state ?
Answer. Arunachal pradesh

10. Who is the Governor of Jammu And Kashmir?
Answer. N N vohra

11. Expand the MMSFES and NFSA?
Answer. mufti mohammad syed food entitlement scheem, national food security act.

12. ________govt announces Mufti Sayeed Food Entitlement Scheme.
Answer. jammu & kashmir- mahbooba muti govt.

13. UNICEF and _______University signed an MoU to empower the adolescents 10-19 years.
Answer.  GITAM

14. Who is the CEO of UNICEF?

15. Expand UNICEF?
Answer.  United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund

16. How many members countries in UNICEF?
Answer. 190

17. Who is the Founder of UNICEF?
Answer.  Founders: Herbert Hoover, Maurice Pate

18. Where is UNICEF headquater located?
Answer.  NEWYORK

19. Who is the Minister of Health and Family Welfare?
Answer.  JP Nadda

20. __________ is a campaign launched by the Department of Pharmaceuticals in association.
Answer.  Jan Aushadhi.


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