Earthquake Warning System Installed At Haryana Govt’s Building

The new Secretariat in Haryana has become the only building in India to have an Earthquake Warning System installed onsite. 

The ‘Early Earthquake Warning and Security System’ has been installed by Terra Techcom free of cost. Around 26 countries in the world have this technology already. This system can save lives by giving alert of a future earthquake well ahead of time.

This system detects intensity of the primary waves and gives out an alarm only when the intensity of the following secondary waves is high enough to potentially cause damage. This also means that the time between the alarm and the actual earthquake could vary from two seconds to 30 seconds.

Extra info:
  • An earthquake warning system is a system of accelerometers, communication, computers, and alarms that is devised for regional notification of a substantial earthquake while it is in progress. 
  • This is not the same as earthquake prediction, which is currently incapable of producing decisive event warnings.

So lets do:
  • Who is the Chief minister of Haryana?
  • Recently which state Installed Earthquake Warning System?

Source – The Hindu

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