Email Inventor Ray Tomlinson Dies At 74

Ray Tomlinson, the inventor of email has passed away. He was 74. He died of an apparent heart attack. His invention included the ground-breaking use of the @ symbol in email addresses, which is now standard.

The US computer programmer came up with the idea of electronic messages that could be sent from one network to another in 1971Before Ray Tomlinson invention direct electronic messages users could only write messages to others using the same computer. He was the first to use the @ symbol in this way, to distinguish a user from its host.

Mr. Ray sent first email while working in Boston as an engineer for research company Bolt, Beranek and NewmanThe firm played a big role in developing an early version of the internet, known as ArpanetHowever, Tomlinson later said he could not remember what was in that first test message, describing it as “completely forgettable”.

His work was recognized by his peers in 2012, when he was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame.The Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate Mr. Ray detailed his creation on his blog, in an attempt to prevent legend from overtaking the facts.

So lets discuss some questions related to this article which can be asked in the upcoming exams :
1. Name the Email Inventor who has passed away recently ?
2. Mr. Ray Tomlinson, the email inventor belonged to which country ?
3. Which computer symbol has also invented by Ray Tomlinson ?

Courtesy : Business Standard

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