ESAF Small Finance Bank launches social deposit scheme

ESAF Small Finance Bank has launched a social deposit scheme called ‘Hrudaya Deposit scheme’ in Thrissur, Kerala.

The deposit scheme stands for a social cause through which ESAF Bank provides the customers an opportunity to be a part in social welfare projects, which none of the other banks has given so far, stated by K. Paul Thomas, Managing Director and CEO of ESAF Small Finance Bank. 

An individual or a legal entity can join the Hrudaya Deposit Scheme with a minimum deposit amount of Rs 15 lakh and for a minimum period of two years.

Takeaways from above News
  • ESAF’s has launched new social deposit scheme named as ‘Hrudaya Deposit’ scheme
  • Managing Director and CEO of ESAF Small Finance Bank is K. Paul Thomas
  • Headquarter of ESAF Small Finance Bank is Thrissur, Kerala.

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Source- Business Standard

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