Former Danish Prime Minister Anker Jogensen Passed Away

Anker Henrik Jorgensen, who was a Danish politician and served at various times as Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Denmark has passed away on Sunday. He led five cabinets as Prime Minister between 1972 and 1981. He was 93. Jorgensen’s time in power was characterized by a sluggish economy and rising unemployment and although popular. He was criticized for not doing enough to reform the economy.

Jorgensen was born into poverty in an allotment house in Amager. He was orphaned at the age of five when both his parents died of tuberculosis. He started his political career working for workers’ rights via several unions and was first elected to parliament in 1964. He served as a member of Parliament until 1994.

On 3 October 1974, the Prime Minister Jens Otto Krag resigned his post and appointed Jorgensen as his successor. Throughout his tenure he continued to live with his wife and four children in an apartment in a working class district of Copenhagen.
He first became prime minister in 1972 after Denmark in a referendum had voted yes to joining the European Economic Community of which it became a member the following year. Known for his unpretentious and down-to-earth style, the former shipyard and warehouse worker began his political career in the country’s trade unions.
He led or represented the Social Democratic Party for well over 30 years. He has been described as not having the image of a strong or visionary leader, but through his down-to-earth and earnest demeanor he managed to maintain a wide support for the Danish welfare state in the population. 

Extra Info :
Denmark Capital : Copenhagen
Currency : Danish Krone
Prime Minister :  Lars Lokke Rasmussen

So now lets discuss some questions related to this post which can be asked in the upcoming exams :
1. Name the former PM of Denmark who has been passed away recently ?
2. Who is the present Prime Minister of Denmark ?
3. What is the Currency & Capital of Denmark ?

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