Gender Vulnerability Index: Goa Safest, Bihar Least Safe

Goa is safest for girls, and Bihar least safe, according to a newly-formed Gender Vulnerability Index  (GVI) by NGO Plan India. National Capital Delhi ranks only better than Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

The GVI attempts to “generate a normative consensus” on the status of girls and women in India and takes into account four core dimensions: Education, health and survival, poverty, protection. The GVI has analyzed the situation of girls and women in the country on the four dimensions and developed a multidimensional composite index with over 170 indicators.
Top Three Safest States-
  1. Goa (Safest),
  2. Kerala,
  3. Mizoram.
Least Safe States-
  1. Bihar (Least Safe),
  2. Uttar Pradesh,
  3. Delhi.
Source- Business Standard