General Lori Robinson Nominated As 1st US Female Combatant Chief

The US President Barack Obama has named the General Lori Robinson to head the U.S. combatant command. The position is one of the most senior in the US Military and Robinson becomes the first woman to head this position

President Barack Obama has approved the choice and now her nomination depends on Senate approval. If approved by the Senate, US Air Force General Lori Robinson will be the new North com chief and will be responsible for any missile threats against the homeland.
Presently she leads US air forces in the Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) and Executive Director of Pacific Air Combat Operations Staff since 2014. According to Pentagon PACAF is responsible for Air Force activities spread over half the globe in a command that supports more than 46,000 airmen mainly in Japan, Korea, Hawaii, Alaska and Guam.

Robinson had enrolled in the US Air Force in 1982. And Earlier in September 2007 Lori had made history after she became the first Air Battle Manager and first woman 552nd ACW commander to be frocked to brigadier general. Her appointment comes after US Government had announced to open all combat roles in the US military to women in December 2015. The move had opened up about 220,000 positions to women.

So lets discuss some questions related to this post which can be asked in the upcoming exams :
1. Name the woman who has been nominated as 1st US Combatant Chief ?
2. Expand the term PACAF ?
3. Who is the present President of the United States ?
Courtesy : The Guardian 

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