Google acquires start-up by Indian-origin businessman

An American multinational technology company, Google has acquired a business technology start-up ‘Synergyse’ founded by an Indian-origin entrepreneur as part of its plans to scale training offerings for Google Apps to its customers and customers’ users.

The Toronto-based Synergyse is founded by Varun Malhotra in the year 2013. It aims to teach users how to use Google Apps. Synergyse will help users get up to speed quickly including when new features are rolled out.

Till now Google did not disclose the financial details of the deal. Google and the company intends to make the product available as an integral part of the Google Apps offering later this year.

So now let’s discuss some questions related to this post :
1. Name the start up company which has acquired by the Google recently ?
2. The Toronto based Synergyse is founded by whom ?

Courtesy : PTI News 

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