Google wins Java copyright case versus Oracle

Google has won a jury verdict against Oracle’s claim of $US 9 billion, as the Oracle has made copyright case against the Google for using Oracle’s Java in Android phone business. Oracle contended that Google needed a license to use its Java programming language to develop Android but it has not taken any approval or license. So the case was going on from 2010. But now, a jury of San Francisco federal court has rejected that argument and concluded Google made fair use of the code under copyright law. 

Java, a programming language was originally developed at Sun Microsystems, starting in 1991. But in the year 2010, Oracle has purchased Sun Microsystems, and continued developing Java. Than later, Oracle has sued Google for copyright and patent infringement in August 2010. 

So let’s discuss some questions related to this post :
1. Name the company which has won the Java copyright case versus Oracle ?
2. Java, a programming language was originally developed by which company ?

Courtesy : PTI News


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