Happy Independence Day !!!

Dear Readers, here we are again all united in a uniform spirit to celebrate our 72nd Independence day. This is a day to pay homage to our great freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to make India free from the British rule. This is a day to say thank you to our great leaders for their courage and wisdom to gift us a free India where we live in. This is not a day for a Hindu, Christian, Muslim or any other caste or religion. This is the day when we all are one, proud Indians.
The story of our freedom struggle is a commendable story of strength, freedom, courage, wisdom and determination. It is a story that proves that if we have a dream, we should work die hard for it and in the end it will definitely bear fruits. If we have a strong determination, then nothing is impossible. The freedom struggle was not easy and many lost their lives because they wanted a free India at any cost and they paid their lives for it. 
Good things always take a lot from you but in the end its worth it. On this day, remember our great leaders who sacrificed their lives for us to live in free India. Do your bit that can make your country a happy and prosperous one. Enjoy your day.
Happy Independence Day From the team of Adda247, Bankersadda, SSCadda, CTETadda, Defenceadda and Career Power. 


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