Happy New Year!!!

Dear students, a new, fresh and beautiful year is upon all of us once again. Now, it’s time for all of us to bid farewell to the year 2017 and say hi to the new year 2018. It’s now the time to be thankful for the blessings of the previous year upon us and hope for more of them for this new and wonderful year. It’s now the time to be proud of all the achievements that we have had in the previous year and strive for better accomplishments this year. 

It’s yet another year to start afresh with everything that couldn’t come up roses in the year gone by.  We just need to be positive and work harder this year towards the goals you set for ourselves. Do not sit brooding about what could have been achieved in the previous year, try focusing on what can be achieved this year. 
Our goals might seem huge and difficult to be achieved but we do not have to let this thought get us distracted from the path we are on. We might face hurdles while taking steps in the right and positive directions, but have to fight the uphill battle so as to get it made. And every time we reach a milestone, we have to acknowledge our accomplishments in a positive way. Celebrating our achievement will keep us focused on the larger goal. We, team Adda247, wish you and your family a joyous, brilliant, lively, flourishing and a sparkling new year ahead! 
Happy New Year!!!

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