I-T CPC in Bengaluru gets new unique pin code for taxpayers benefit

Taxpayers wanting to send their paper Income Tax Return (ITR) acknowledgement forms or documents related to refunds and others to the I-T department’s CPC in Bengaluru can now send it to a unique pin code ‘560500’ .

The Department of Post has allotted the pin code to the Central Processing Centre (CPC) to ensure that letters and mails sent by taxpayers and assessees are not lost and reach the centre without delay. 

The CPC is the central database centre of the department which receives all Income Tax Returns (ITRs), both e-filed and sent through post, and processes them for the issuance of refunds and also deals with other tax related documents of a taxpayer.
Takeaways from above News-
  • I-T CPC in Bengaluru gets new unique pin code 560500 for taxpayers benefit
  • Central Processing Centre is the full form of CPC
  • Bengaluru is also known as Silicon Valley of India.

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Source- Business Standard

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