NASA Invites India To Jointly Explore Mars, sent astronauts

India and the US could jointly explore Mars and, who knows, an Indian astronaut could also head to the Red planet on a joint mission. India Maiden mission to red planets manglyaan has opened the eyes of the world on ISRO’s capabilities at undertaking low cost, high value inter-planetary mission.

Director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory or JPL Charles Elachi a part of NASA and an institution better known for piloting most of the American planetary exploration efforts with rovers like Curiosity, says India and the US could jointly explore Mars and even invited India to send astronauts to the Red Planet.

When India launched its mission to Mars, and I congratulate India on a superb mission by reaching the orbit or Mars in the very first attempt. JPL supported ISRO in the navigation and communication because of the antennas we have. Reaching the Mars orbit in first attempt was an amazing achievement and that too at such low cost. Now American scientists through its 

Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN Mission (MAVEN) mission and India through its Mars Orbiter Mission are sharing data.

Extra info:

  • NASA looking at a mission using electric propulsion, which is a major advancement in technology, to capture an asteroid and bring it back to lunar orbit so that astronauts can  go and do more deeper exploration.
  • ISRO – Indian Space Research Organisation
    So lets do:
  • Who is the Director of Jet Propulsion Laboratory JPL?
  • Who is the present chairman of ISRO?
  • Where is ISRO headquater?  

Source – Time of India


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