India, France carry out joint naval exercise ‘Varuna’

The Indian Navy has begun a joint maritime exercise with the French Navy at the Mediterranean Sea to further deepen combat coordination between the two navies.

Guided missile destroyer INS Mumbai, stealth frigate INS Trishul and fleet tanker INS Aditya are taking part in the ‘Varuna’ exercise which will continue till April 30. The ‘Varuna’ series of exercises began in 2000 and have grown into an institutionalized form of interaction between the two navies.

    Important Takeaways from above News for SBI PO Exam-
    • India and France carry out joint naval exercise named ‘Varuna’
    • The exercise is conducted in the Mediterranean Sea
    • François Hollande is the President of France and its Capital is in Paris.

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    Source- Business Standard

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