India lauded for Red Line Campaign on antibiotics

The global Review on Antimicrobial Resistance  commissioned by U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron in 2014 and chaired by economist Jim O’Neill- has, in its final report, cited India’s idea of putting a red line on antibiotic packages to curb their over-the-counter sale as a model that can be used globally to counter the rising threat of superbugs.

The report notes that India’s ‘Red Line Campaign’ for antibiotics packaging should be considered as a starting point and recommends that the labelling and symbols used can be improved if needed and then expanded globally. 

The report says laws prevent sale of antibiotics and other antimicrobials over-the-counter, but these may be weakly enforced in some countries and non-existent in many. It says 20-30% of antibiotics are consumed without prescription in south and east Europe, and up to 100% in parts of Africa.

So let’s do:
1. Who is the 
U.K. Prime Minister  ?
2. The Red Line campaign is related to ?

Source – The Hindu


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