International Labour Day: 01st May

International Labour Day, also known as International Worker’s Day or May Day is observed on 01st of May every year to promote and encourage the international labour associations. The day marks the victory of workers’ movement for eight hours of work. It also aims to pay tribute to workers sacrifices in achieving economic and social rights all over the world.

In India, Labour and Employment Minister Bandaru Dattatreya will chair International Labour Day function in New Delhi. Several Trade Union Organisations are observing the Day with the commitment of welfare of the Labourers.

    Important Takeaways from above News for SBI PO Exam-
    • International Labour Day is celebrated globally on 01st May
    • It is celebrated to promote and encourage the international labour associations across the world
    • Labour and Employment Minister of India is Mr. Bandaru Dattatreya

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    Source- News on AIR

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