Italian Novelist Umberto Eco Passed Away

Italian author Umberto Eco has died aged 84. Umberto Eco a philosopher who wrote best-selling novels including “The Name of the Rose”. The Novelist had been suffering from cancer. Eco was born on January 5, 1932, at Alessandria in the northern Italian region of Piedmont. 

The Name of the Rose was Eco’s first novel but he had been publishing works for more than 20 years beforehand. As a teenager, Eco wrote comic books and fantasy novels before studying Medieval philosophy and literature at the University of Turin. His thesis was published in 1956 as The Aesthetics of Thomas Aquinas. During that period, Eco abandoned the Roman Catholic Church after a crisis of faith.

Some books written by Umberto Eco are :
The Island of the Day Before – 1994
Baudolino – 2000 
The Prague Cemetery – 2010 

Eco’s written dozens of essays on semiotics, medieval aesthetics, linguistics and philosophy, two in particular gained enduring popularity with their analysis of cultural standards. They are “History of Beauty” (2004), and “On Ugliness” (2007).

Extra Info :
Italy President : Sergio Mattarella
Italy Prime Minister : Matteo Renzi
Capital: Rome
Currency: Euro

So lets discuss some questions related to this article which can be asked in the upcoming exams : 
1. Name the Italian novelist who has been passed away recently ?
2. The Name of the Rose is written by whom ?

Courtesy : BBC News 

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