Japan launches satellite for high-precision positioning system

Japan launched a satellite to help build a high-precision geolocation system that will complement the US-operated GPS. A ‘H-IIA’ rocket blasted off from the Tanegashima space center in southern Japan carrying the ‘Michibiki’ No.2 satellite.  

The Michibiki system is capable of covering the Asia-Oceania region and works with the US-operated Global Positioning System (GPS). Michibiki, meaning guidance in Japanese, is intended for civilian use, with a claimed positioning accuracy down to mere centimeters (inches). Though GPS is widely used in Japan, having supplementary satellites is important in a country where mountainous terrain and high buildings may interfere with GPS signals.
Static Takeaways for SBI PO Mains Exam-
  • PM of Japan is Shinzo Abe
  • The Capital of Japan is Tokyo and its Currency is Yen.
Source- The Economic Times

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