Kolkata, Bhopal Top Among Indian Cities in Clean Transport: CSE Survey

The Statistics from 14 cities across India have been analysed by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), the New Delhi-based think tank, to check how some cities, which hold sizeable shares of India’s urban population are positioned in the race for clean and low carbon mobility.  
Bhopal tops for lowest overall emissions and energy use from urban commute. Kolkata emits least among six megacities due to high usage of public transport and walking. The analysis titled The Urban Commute was released in Kolkata. 
Top 3 in Overall emissions and energy consumption: 
1. Bhopal
2. Vijayawada
3. Chandigarh.
Top 3 in Per-travel trip emissions and energy consumption: 
1. Kolkata
2. Mumbai
3. Bhopal.

Source- cseindia.org