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List of Top 30 Largest Deserts in the World 2022

What are Deserts?

Deserts are dry areas of land with very low vegetation and these are a very important part of Earth’s ecosystem. These areas have very low precipitation and living conditions are hostile for plant and animal life. Deserts cover almost one-third of the Earth’s surface. Deserts are formed by weathering process as large variations in temperature between day and night put strains on the rock which consequently break it into pieces. The amount of rainfall in the desert is low but when the rain falls on the hot rocks it causes them to shatter into pieces and results in more fine fragments of Rock.

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The types of plants and animals found in deserts are adapted to survive the harsh condition of deserts. Plants are adapted to survive rough weather, these plants are tough and wiry with small or no leaves, and the water-resistant cuticles and spines deter herbivory. Animals in these areas need to keep cool and find enough food and water to survive. The animals are adopted to extract most of their needs from their food and concentrate their urine. Some animals remain in the state of dormancy for a long time and get ready to become active again during the rare rainfall season. This animal also reproduces rapidly while conditions are favorable before returning to dormancy.

Largest Deserts in the world

Name Type Location Area (km2)
Antarctica Desert Polar ice and tundra Antarctica 14,200,000
Arctic Desert Polar ice and tundra Eastern Europe, Northern America, Northern Asia, Northern Europe 13,900,000
Sahara Desert Subtropical Eastern Africa, Middle Africa, Northern Africa, Western Africa 9,200,000
Great Australian Subtropical Australia 2,700,000
Arabian Desert Subtropical Western Asia 2,330,000
Gobi Desert Cold Winter Eastern Asia 1,295,000
Kalahari Desert Subtropical Southern Africa 900,000
Patagonian Desert Cold Winter South America 673,000
Syrian Desert Subtropical Western Asia 500,000
Great Basin Cold Winter Northern American 492,098
Chihuahuan Desert Subtropical Northern American 453,248
Karakum Desert Cold Winter Central Asia 350,000
Colorado Victoria Cold Winter Northern Asia 337,000
Sonoran Desert Subtropical Central America Northern America 310,000
Kyzylkum Desert Cold Winter Central Asia 300,000
Taklamakan Desert Cold Desert Eastern Asia 270,000
Ogaden Desert Subtropical Eastern Asia 256,000
Puntland desert Subtropical Eastern Asia 200,000
Thar Desert Subtropical Southern Asia 200,000
Ustyurt Plateau Temperate Central Asia 200,000
Guban Desert Subtropical Eastern Asia 175,000
Namib Desert Cool Coastal Middle Africa, Southern Africa 160,000
Dasht-e-Margo Subtropical Southern Asia 150,000
Registan Desert Subtropical Southern Asia 146,000
Atacama Desert Mild Coastal South America 140,000
Danakil Desert Subtropical Eastern Africa 137,000
Mojave Desert Subtropical Northern American 124,000
Chalbi Desert Subtropical Eastern Africa 100,000
Columbia Basin Cold Winter Northern America 83,139
Dasht-e-Kavir Subtropical Southern Asia 77,000

FAQs Related to Deserts

Q1. What are the five largest deserts in the world?
Ans. The five largest deserts in the world are Sahara, Antarctic desert, Arctic desert, Great Australian, and the Arabian desert.

Q2. What type of land is desert?
Ans. A large area of land which is dry with sparse vegetation is known as a desert. These are one of Earth’s major types of ecosystems.

Q3. What are the subtropical deserts of the world?
Ans. The subtropical deserts of the world are the Sahara Desert, Arabian desert, Kalahari Desert, Thar desert, Sonoran Desert, and Chihuahuan desert.

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