Nihonium becomes Asia’s 1st Periodic Table element discovery

Chemistry’s highest gatekeepers have accepted the newly proposed names for elements 113(Nihonium), 115(Moscovium), 117( Tennessine) and 118(Oganesson). Periodic Table element with atomic number 113, Nihonium (Nh) has become the first ever element to be discovered by an Asian country after it was officially revealed by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).

Along with three other elements that helped to complete the Periodic table, Nihonium was discovered and proposed by the RIKEN collaboration team in Japan.
So, let’s discuss some questions related to this post:
Q1. Which atomic element has become the first ever element to be discovered by an asian country?
Q2. What are the names of new atomic elements with atomic number introduced in periodic table ?
Q3. In which asian Country, A newly atomic element nihonium in periodic table is discovered ? 
Ans2.113(Nihonium), 115(Moscovium), 117(Tennessine) and 118(Oganesson)
Ans3. Japan

Source – The Hindu

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