Pink patrol, security app for women in Bengaluru

A fleet of pink patrol vehicles to attend to the distress calls from women and an exclusive police mobile phone distress application have been introduced in Bengaluru as part of an effort to improve the safety and security of women in the city.

The pink patrol cars called the ‘Pink Hoysalas’ and the Suraksha mobile phone app were unveiled by Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. The app has been developed by the Bengaluru city police IT team and can be downloaded on Android and iOS phones.
It aims at providing police services to women in distress in the least possible time in coordination with the pink patrol vehicles and the police control room.

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    • The pink patrol cars called the ‘Pink Hoysalas’ and the Suraksha mobile phone app were launched by Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah in Bengaluru

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    Source- The Hindu

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