Questions Asked in IBPS PO Mains Directly from Current Affairs Adda

Hello Students, 

The IBPS PO Mains exam was recently conducted on 18th November. The General Awareness portion (as per the feedback by students) was a bit difficult. Majority of the questions in GA appeared from Current Affairs section. Here we have enlisted the Questions asked in the Current Affairs section of IBPS PO Mains Exam directly from our CA portal along with the link.

1. The Reserve Bank of India has constituted a 10-member ‘High Level Task Force on Public Credit Registry (PCR) for India’, which will, among other things, suggest a roadmap for developing a transparent, comprehensive and near-real-time PCR for India. Who is
the head of Public Credit Registry? Ans: YM Deosthalee | Covered in CA

2. India’s first government-run e-waste recycling plant has opened
in which city? Ans: Bengaluru| Covered in CA

3. Where is the headquarter of Karur Vysya Bank? Ans: Karur, Tamil Nadu | Covered in CA

4. “Sulabh Jal Scheme” has been launched in which state? Ans: Darbhanga, Bihar | Covered in CA

5. Which of the following state has bagged the top position under
the Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritav Abhiyan (PMSMA)? (d) Himachal Pradesh | Covered in CA

6. Nelson Mandela Foundation is dedicating this year’s (2018)
Mandela Day to Action Against-? Ans: Poverty | Covered in CA

7. What is the allocation on Digital India Project under Union
budget 2018-19? Ans: Rs. 3073 crore | Covered in Budget Portion Published on BA

8. The 10th edition of the Defence Expo was held in _________. Ans: Chennai | Covered in CA

9. Who has been named as ‘British Indian of the Year’? Ans: Ishwar Sharma | Covered in CA

10. The Government of India has notified the Electoral Bond
Scheme 2018. It may be noted that Electoral Bond shall be valid for
_____________ days from the date of issue. Ans: 15 | Covered in CA

11. Which bank has been ranked as the best PSU bank in the overall
digital transaction’s category in India? Ans: Punjab National Bank | Covered in CA

12. India’s first engineless rail, Train 18, manufactured by the
Integral Coach Factory (ICF) was rolled out in- Ans: Chennai | Covered in CA

13. The Union Cabinet has gave its approval to rename the Agartala
Airport in Tripura as? Ans: Maharaja Bir Bikram Manikya Kishore Airport | Covered in CA

14. Microdot technology in India to be launched by the Government of India to check-? Ans: Vehicle thefts | Covered in CA

15. Under which ministry the Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) and
the Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban) has launched? Ans: Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation | Covered in CA

16. NABARD has joined hands with which bank to provide
collateral-free credit through Joint Liability Groups in Telangana? Ans: SBI | Covered in CA

17. The Government of India has signed a loan deal worth USD 200
million with the World Bank for __________. Ans: POSHAN | Covered in CA

18. Under project ‘SASHAKT’ an asset management company/
alternative investment fund (AIF)-led resolution approach to deal
with NPA cases of more than-? Ans: Rs 500 crore | Covered in CA

19. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched “Rashtriya Gram
Swaraj Abhiyan” at Ramnagar, tribal-dominated district of Madhya
Pradesh. The scheme aims to strengthen the country’s _________. Ans: Panchayati Raj System | Covered in CA

20. Which High Court has declared the “entire animal kingdom
including avian and aquatic” as legal entities with a distinct persona
and corresponding rights, duties and liabilities of a living person? Ans: Uttarakhand High Court | Covered in CA

21. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) has launched BSNL
_____________ a VOIP based service. Ans: WINGS | Covered in CA