Railways to acquire EoTT system to run trains without guards

The Indian Railways will float global tenders worth over ₹100 crore for acquiring  End of Train Telemetry (EoTT) equipment to run 1,000 trains without guards.

This equipment is used to establish communication between the locomotive driver and the last wagon of the train to ensure that the train is running with all coaches/wagons as a complete unit.  
Each set of EoTT device is estimated to cost approximately ₹10 lakh. EoTT system comprises two units — one unit called cab display unit (CDU) fitted on the locomotive and the other is sense and brake unit (SBU) fitted on the last coach or wagon of the train.

Important Takeaways from above News for BOB PO Exam-
  • Railway Minister of India is Suresh Prabhu
  • First Railway Minister of India is John Mathai.
Source- The Hindu
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