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Republic Day 2023 History, Significance, and Celebrations

Republic Day 2023

Republic Day 2023: India to celebrate its 74th Republic Day on 26th January 2023. On this day, the Constitution of India was adopted in the year 1950. Republic Day is one of the most important National Holidays in India which is also known as Gantantra Diwas. 26th January 1950 makes the establishment of the Indian Constitution was prepared by the members of the Constituent Assembly which emerged after the brutal colonial past.

Republic Day is celebrated every year throughout the nation with great fervor and enthusiasm. This year too, Republic Day 2023 will be celebrated with events like parades, cultural programs, rallies, etc. There will be several colorful events on the Kartavya Path including military parades and other activities. In these activities, school children also take part and showcase their talents.

Republic Day Celebrations 2023 begins in New Delhi

History of Republic Day

Republic Day makes the adoption of the Constitution of India. 26th January was announced as Republic Day because the Indian National Congress published the Purna Swaraj or Declaration of Indian Independence on 26th January 1930 rejecting the dominance of the British government. India gained its Independence on 15th August 1947 and after a few days, on 29th August a committee was established to draft a long-term Constitution for an Independent India.

Republic Day Speech In English, 26 January for Students

The chairperson of the committee was Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. The constitution was drafted by the committee and delivered to the Constituent Assembly on 4th November 1947. The assembly conducted multiple sessions for two years before finalizing the draft. After several meetings and discussions, the 308 Assembly Members signed two handwritten copies one in Hindi and one in English on 24th January 1950. The constitution of India was adopted on 26th January 1950 and came into effect. On that day, Dr. Rajendra Prasad became the first President of India.


Republic Day 2023: Adaptation of the Constitution of India

The Constitution of India was drafted by the constituent assembly. The first session was held on 9th December 1946 and was attended by 207 members including nine females. The assembly has 389 members and after the independence and the partition, the number was reduced to 299.

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The drafting committee was led by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and who is also known as the Father of the Constitution. The committee separated 2,400 amendments from the constitution out of 7,600 amendments during the discussions. The last session of the Constituent Assembly was held on 26th November 1949 when the Constitution of India was adopted, and it came into effect on 26th January 1950 which is celebrated as Republic Day in India.

Significance of Republic Day 2023

On 26th January 1930, Indian National Congress (INC) declared Purna Swaraj and rejected the rule of the British Government. Hence, the constitution of India came into effect on 26th January 1950 and was celebrated as the Republic Day of India. Republic Day signifies the free and independent India after going through years of torture due to the British government.

Republic Day 2023, Interesting Facts About 74th Republic Day of India

Republic Day 2023 Parade

Republic Day 2023 will begin on the Kartavya Path formerly known as Rajpath. Several military and cultural parades will be showcased. The Republic Day 2023 parade is also televised so that millions of people can watch it on TV at their homes. Republic Day 2023 Parade can also be seen by the general public on the Kartavya Path on 26th January 2023.

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