River Information System Like ATC To Be Launched For Inland Waterways Traffic

The Government has launched a River Information System (RIS)  between Haldia and Farakka stretch of the National Waterway-1 (NW-1) on 06.01.2016.

The system enhances swift electronic data transfer between mobile vessels and shore (Base stations) through advance and real-time exchange of information.  RIS aims to streamline the exchange of information between waterway operators, regulators and users.

This would facilitate:
i.       Inland navigation safety.
ii.      Improvement in efficiency of inland navigation.
iii.    Dissemination of information to vessels on the status of fairways.
iv.    Provision of virtual aids to navigation and guidance to the vessels.
v.       Planning of voyages.

Extra info:
-Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) has taken up the project initially in NW-1 that is being implemented in three phases. 1.Phase-I: West Bengal & Jharkhand 2.Phase-II: Jharkhand & Bihar 3.Phase-III: Bihar & Uttar Pradesh.

So lets do:
Who is the Minister of  State for Shipping?

Source – pib news

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