Singaporean and Hong Kong terms added to Oxford Dictionary

For now wah, shiok and yum cha and many more words are now officially recognized as acceptable English. As several Singaporean and Hong Kong English terms have been included in the Oxford English Dictionary. AS of now, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) added 19 Singaporean terms and 13 Hong Kong terms in its March quarterly update.

The dictionary included formations of English that are mostly used in Singapore or Hong Kong. The OED records the meaning and development of the English language. It adds words into the English dictionary after it qualified certain criteria’s like several independent examples of use of the word, evidence the word has been in use for a reasonable amount of time and more.
Some of the words added are- Sotong (a Singaporean and Malaysian term) – Squid or cuttlefish, Wah – It is an expression of delight or surprise,  Hawker centre – It is used for a food market at which individual vendors sell cooked food from small stalls, with a shared seating area for customers, Sabo – It means to harm or play a prank on, Sandwich class – It is an informal term used to refer to the middle class, Shroff – It is a cashier, especially at a car park and many more.

So let’s discuss some questions related to this post :
1. Total how many words have been included in the Oxford English Dictionary ?
2. Which countries words have been added to the Oxford Dictionary ?

Courtesy : The Guardian


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