• Europe Heading For Recession As Inflation Crisis Deepens

    The euro zone is almost certainly entering a recession, with surveys today showing a deepening cost of living crisis and a gloomy outlook that is keeping consumers wary of spending. While there was some easing of price pressures, according to...

    Published On September 6th, 2022
  • World’s first fleet of hydrogen passenger trains by Germany

    The world’s first fleet of hydrogen-powered passenger trains was launched by Germany. The first fleet of hydrogen-powered passenger trains has replaced 15 diesel trains that were previously operated on nonelectrified tracks in Lower Saxony, Germany. The engine of the trains...

    Published On August 25th, 2022
  • Massive Wildfire in Spain and Germany Amid an unusual Heat Wave

    Wildfire in Germany and Spain: Details Due to an unusual heat wave, western Europe and Germany struggled with wildfires. There has been severe damage in several places in Spain and Germany. The Northwest province of Zamora is affected by over...

    Published On June 25th, 2022