International Telecommunication Union

  • World Standards Day celebrates on 14th October

    World Standards Day 2022: World Standards Day is marked every year on October 14 to raise awareness about the importance of using standardised measurements, technologies, and industries. This day, also known as International Standards Day, strives to educate consumers, policymakers,...

    Published On October 14th, 2022
  • New Delhi hosted the ITU’s Regional Standardization Forum

    New Delhi hosted ITU's Regional Standardization Forum where Devusinh Chauhan, Minister of State for communications delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the International Telecommunication Union's Regional Standardization Forum for Asia and Oceania. According to Devusinh Chauhan, the nation's...

    Published On August 10th, 2022
  • India-ITU joint CyberDrill 2021 for Indian entities

    International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Department of Telecommunications operating under the Ministry of Communications conducted a Joint Cyber Drill 2021. The cyber drill was conducted for the Critical Network Infrastructure operators of India. The Critical Network Infrastructure are the...

    Published On December 3rd, 2021