International Year of Millets (IYM)

  • PM Modi inaugurated the Global Millets Conference

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Global Millets (Shree Anna) Conference in New Delhi on 18th March, 2023. He will also address the gathering on the occasion. The conference will be attended by Agriculture Ministers of various countries, international scientists,...

    Published On March 20th, 2023
  • International Year of millets 2023

    The Government of India sponsored the proposal for International Year of Millets (IYM) 2023 which was accepted by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). The declaration has been instrumental for the Government of India to be at the forefront in...

    Published On January 2nd, 2023
  • Agriculture Ministry Organises Millet Food Festival in Parliament

    To raise awareness about the importance of millet, the Agriculture Ministry is hosting a Millet food festival in Parliament for the members. As the global agrifood systems face challenges to feed an ever-growing global population, resilient cereals like millet provide...

    Published On December 21st, 2022