Nitish Kumar

  • Bihar Government starts caste survey in State

    Bihar Government starts caste survey Caste surveys have been started by the Bihar government in several regions of the State. Nitish Kumar, the chief minister, made it clear that only castes, not subcastes, as well as the economic standing of...

    Published On January 12th, 2023
  • Nitish Kumar steps down as CM of Bihar, dissolves coalition with BJP

    Nitish Kumar resigned from the position of chief minister of Bihar, which he had been in an alliance with the BJP. At Raj Bhavan, Nitish Kumar went to see Governor Phagu Chauhan alone before announcing his resignation to the awaiting...

    Published On August 11th, 2022
  • Nitish Kumar resigned as NDA chief minister in Bihar

    Nitish Kumar has submitted his resignation as the NDA chief minister in Bihar to the state governor Phagu Chauhan. He also submitted a support letter of 160 MLAs to stake claims to form a new government. In the 243-member assembly,...

    Published On August 9th, 2022