Science & Technology

  • Surge in Covid-19 cases in India linked to highly contagious XBB1.16 variant

    Surge in Covid-19 infections in India linked to 349 cases of XBB1.16 variant India has seen a surge in daily Covid-19 infections, with 349 cases of the newly detected XBB1.16 variant, which may be responsible for the recent increase in...

    Published On March 24th, 2023
  • IndiaAI Ecosystem

    AI is poised to become the most significant driver of change in human history, with the potential to reshape the global economy, technology, and our daily lives. India, being the world's fourth-largest economy and a youthful nation, must be ready...

    Published On March 18th, 2023
  • MSN launches generic version of breast cancer drug Palborest

    Palborest:- MSN Group launched the 'world’s first’ generic Palbociclib tablets indicated for advanced breast cancer therapy under the brand Palborest. Palbociclib is approved by the USFDA, EMA and CDSCO in combination with hormonal therapies for patients with hormone receptor positive, human...

    Published On January 19th, 2023