• List of world’s deadliest earthquakes since 2000

    List of world's deadliest earthquakes since 2000 An earthquake with a magnitude 7.8 hit Turkey and Syria. More than 4,000 people died in Turkey and Syria as a result of an earthquake. As rescuers search the debris of collapsed buildings...

    Published On February 7th, 2023
  • Earthquake of magnitude 7.8 kills Over 5000 People, knocks down buildings in Turkey

    Turkey-Syria earthquake: Indian Airforce plane with rescue personnel, reaches Turkey: Terming India as "Dost" for its generosity for providing funds to the country after three devastating earthquakes struck Turkey in 24 hours, Ambassador of Turkey to India Firat Sunel thanked New...

    Last updated on February 7th, 2023 06:34 pm
  • 1668 Journalists killed in the Past 20 years Between 2003 to 2022

    A total of 1,668 Journalists have been killed worldwide with murders, contract killings, ambushes, war zone deaths, and fatal injuries. These journalists have been killed in connection with their work in the last two decades from 2003 to 2022. The...

    Published On January 2nd, 2023