Union Government Has Launched Non Tax Receipt Portal

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has launched Non-Tax Receipt Portal (NTRP) to electronically collect over Rs.2 trillion annually in non-tax receipts. It was launched as part of Union Government’s flagship Digital India campaign. Currently, non-tax revenues are collected by physical instruments such as bank draft or cheque or cash. This portal will reduce a lot of manual work now.

NTRP has been developed by the Office of Controller General of Accounts (CGA) and the Union Finance Ministry. It provides a one-stop platform to citizens or corporate or other users to make online payment of non-tax receipts to the Union government. While taxes are largely collected using the e-payment mode, non-tax revenues flow mainly through physical instruments such as bank draft or cheque or cash. It will help to avoid delays a depositor can make e-payment to the Government using either a Debit Card, Credit Card or through Net Banking with the help of Payment Gateway Aggregator (PGA)

The non-tax revenues mainly includes dividends, spectrum charges, interest receipts, royalty, licence fee, sale of forms and application fees under the RTI Act. The annual collection of non-tax receipts amounts to over 2 lakh crore rupees and during fiscal 2016 government budget aims to collect it over 2.21 trillion rupees as non-tax receipts.

Extra Info :
RTI : Right to information act 

So lets discuss some questions related to this article which can be asked in the upcoming exams :
1. Expand the term NTRP.
2. Who has launched Non tax receipt portal ?
3. Expand the term CGA.
4. NTRP has been launched as a part of which initiative ?
5. Expand the term PGA.

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