US engineer Frances Arnold wins Millennium Technology Prize

US biochemical engineer, Frances Arnold has won the Millennium Technology Prize for her work ‘directed evolution’ in Finland. Directed evolution is a method of rewriting DNA to improve medicines and develop green fuels. With this Arnold has become the first female winner in its 12 year of history and awarded with the 1 million euro prize. The award was presented by the Technology Academy Finland. 

The 59 year old, Arnold is a professor of chemical engineering at California Institute of Technology and her method of creating new proteins with desired properties is being used to convert renewable resources like sugar cane into bio fuels and to improve everyday products such as laundry and dish washing detergents to enhance their performance in cold temperatures. She recognizes developments that change people’s lives for the better.

So let’s discuss some questions related to this post :
1. Name the Engineer who has won the Millennium Technology Prize for her work ‘directed evolution’ ?
2. Frances Arnold who won Millennium Technology Prize is from which country ?

Courtesy : BBC News

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