Vijaya Bank inks MoU with Piaggio Vehicles

Vijaya Bank entered into an MoU with Piaggio Vehicles for providing financial support for the purchase of vehicles under Small Road Transport Operators (SRTO) scheme in Bengaluru.

Vijaya Bank Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Dr Kishore Sansi flagged off the first batch of vehicles under the MoU in the presence of Piaggio Vehicles Vice-President Praveen Nagpal.

Takeaways from above news-
  • Vijaya bank entered into an MoU with Piaggio Vehicles
  • Vijaya bank headquarter is in Bengaluru
  • Vijaya bank was founded in 1931 by A.B. Shetty
  • Vijaya bank CEO is Kishore Kumar Sansi.

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Source- The Indian Express

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