Vikas Swarup appointed High Commisioner to Canada

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) spokesperson Vikas Swarup has been appointed the new High Commissioner to Canada.

Mr. Swarup, a well-known author became the MEA spokesperson in April 2015. He is expected to join his new post in Ottawa by mid-March, 2017. 

What can be the possible questions of above news

Q1. Name the famous novel which is penned down by Vikas Swarup a High Commisioner to Canada adapted in film as Slumdog Millionaire?
Q2. Who has appointed as the new Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) spokesperson after replacing of Vikas Swarup who has appointed as the new High Commissioner to Canada?
Q3. Name the Former High Commissioner to India Before appointment of Vikas Swarup?

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Source- The Indian Express

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