Wipro’s chief learning officer Abhijit Bhaduri quits

Abhijit Bhaduri, chief learning officer of Wipro has resigned. Bhaduri , will start his own executive coaching company. Bhaduri is the man behind many of Wipro’s initiatives like global 100 program – where the next generation of Wipro pipeline was created, new age unconventional training methods like taking the top brass of Bengaluru-based IT firm to Jaipur Lit Fest. He has been with Wipro for 7 years.

Bhaduri has worked with Wipro since 2009 and prior to that worked with Microsoft as their HR director. Bhaduri has also worked with Pepsico, Colgate and Mudra Communication. He brought to Wipro global coaches like Ram Charan, innovation guru Bill Fisher. Bhaduri also was instrumental in the IT firm’s tie up with Wharton school for grooming leadership talent at Wipro.
So let’s do:
1. ___________, chief learning officer of Wipro has resigned.

Source – The Hindu

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